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Child Search

Child Search is a nationwide effort to locate all children with disabilities, birth through twenty-one, who are not receiving educational services. Child Search is a part of Special Education in Louisiana Schools. It is designed to identify, locate, and evaluate children who may be in need of special education services and are not currently enrolled in school.

Red River Parish Public Schools may be able to help children from three to five years old, who are not enrolled in public school and who may be in need of special education. With parent permission the services may include:

    • Free screening to learn if the child should be evaluated
    • If screening indicates, an evaluation to see what type of help the child may need.
    • If the evaluation finds the child to need services, services may include free special education instruction, speech services, adapted physical education, occupational services, and/or physical therapy services.

What is included in the definition of educational disability? 

Federal and state laws identify specific disabling conditions that entitle a child to special education service if it is determined that the disability is interfering with the child’s learning.

These conditions, called educational disabilities, include:

    • Autism
    • Developmental Delay
    • Emotional Disturbance
    • Hearing Impairment
    • Intellectual Disability
    • Multiple Disabilities
    • Orthopedic Impairment
    • Other Health Impairment
    • Specific Learning Disability
    • Speech or Language Impairment
    • Tramatic Brain Injury
    • Visual Impairment (including Blindness)

Contact Us

Child Search Coordinator

Kelli Pickett


Who is eligible for Child Search?

    • Preschool children residing in Red River Parish who are not enrolled in a preschool program.
    • Children ages 3-21 attending a state approved private/parochial school located in Red River Parish.

Who may refer a child?

    • Most referrals are made directly by a child’s parents.
    • Referrals (with parental consent) are made by health care providers, social workers, child care providers, and other individuals familiar with the child’s needs.

What services are available?

    • Services for eligible preschool children, who are also Red River Parish residents, may include classroom instruction, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy services.

Special education forms

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Request for IEP Amendment Form

Special Transportation Form

Student Prior Written Notice Letter Form

Parent Prior Written Notice Letter Form

Extended Time Form

IEP Meeting Excusal Form

Behavior Intervention Plan and Summary Form

IEP Meeting Reminder Notice Form

Notice of Proposed or Refused Action Form

Medicaid Billing Notice Forms and FAQs

Paraprofessional Support Services Determination Guideline Form

Transferred Answers Form

IEP Amendment Form

Physical Restraint or Seclusion Documentation Form

Documentation of Received Accommodations Form

Inclusion Documentation Form

Adult Agencies Annual Parental Consent

Age of Majority Parent Letter

Age of Majority Student Letter

Consent for Lead Agency

Health Screening Form

ELA Read Aloud All Accommodation

Special Transportation Student Information

IEP Progress Reports Data Procedure and Checklist

6-12 IEP Document Checklist

IEP Procedure Forms Checklist

IEP Documentation Forms Checklist

IEP Checklist Form

PreK-5 IEP Document Checklist

Manifestation Determination Review Form

Assistive Technology Consideration Checklist

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Procedures for Scheduling Initial and Reevaluation of IEPs

IEP Procedures for Special Education Teachers

Interagency Linkages

Parent Fact Sheet Unique Learning System

Alternate Assessment Fact Sheet for Parents

Blank IEP Form

Procedures for IEP Meetings

Procedures to Amend an IEP

Types of IEP Procedures

Surrogate Parent Procedure/Policy

IEP Procedures for Suspension

Seclusion and Restraint Procedures

Documentation of Received Accommodations

Inclusion Documentation Form


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April Dunn ACT Eligibility Criteria Determination Form

ACT 833 Performance Based Assessments Form

April Dunn Goal Summary Form


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Algebra I Content Standards Checklist

Biology Content Standards Checklist

English I & II Content Standards Checklist

Geometry Content Standards Checklist

US History Content Standards Checklist



April Dunn ACT Fact Sheet

April Dunn ACT Facts for Parents

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Progress Monitoring Form

LEAP Connect Progress Monitoring Form


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CMC Documentation Form



CMC Program Overview and Guidelines

CMC Guidelines for General Education Teachers

Special education parent involvement survey

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) is conducting a survey to determine if your child’s school finds ways to involve you as a means to improve services for your child. The information you provide will help the LDOE, policy makers, and educators improve services and results for students receiving special education services. Your child’s school district or charter school is among 26 districts / charters chosen to participate in this year’s Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) parent involvement survey. Your child’s identity and your responses to this survey will remain confidential.

Surveys in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic will be available on the LDOE website. All surveys must be completed by July 31, 2023. If you have questions or need assistance completing the survey, a staff member from your regional Families Helping Families Center will be available to assist you.

Letters containing important information needed to complete this survey were mailed home on May 8th, 2023. Click on the link below to access the survey.

Special Education Parent Involvement Survey

Special Education Advisory Council