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Director of Exceptional Student Services

Kelli Pickett


IEP Facilitator

Tracy Jackson


Special Services Secretary

Charlotte Taylor


Child Search

Child Search is a nationwide effort to locate all children with disabilities, birth through twenty-one, who are not receiving educational services. Child Search is a part of Special Education in Louisiana Schools. It is designed to identify, locate, and evaluate children who may be in need of special education services and are not currently enrolled in school.

Red River Parish Public Schools may be able to help children from three to five years old, who are not enrolled in public school and who may be in need of special education. With parent permission the services may include:

    • Free screening to learn if the child should be evaluated
    • If screening indicates, an evaluation to see what type of help the child may need.
    • If the evaluation finds the child to need services, services may include free special education instruction, speech services, adapted physical education, occupational services, and/or physical therapy services.

What is included in the definition of educational disability? 

Federal and state laws identify specific disabling conditions that entitle a child to special education service if it is determined that the disability is interfering with the child’s learning.

These conditions, called educational disabilities, include:

    • Autism
    • Developmental Delay
    • Emotional Disturbance
    • Hearing Impairment
    • Intellectual Disability
    • Multiple Disabilities
    • Orthopedic Impairment
    • Other Health Impairment
    • Specific Learning Disability
    • Speech or Language Impairment
    • Tramatic Brain Injury
    • Visual Impairment (including Blindness)

Contact Us

Child Search Coordinator

Kelli Pickett


Who is eligible for Child Search?

    • Preschool children residing in Red River Parish who are not enrolled in a preschool program.
    • Children ages 3-21 attending a state approved private/parochial school located in Red River Parish.

Who may refer a child?

    • Most referrals are made directly by a child’s parents.
    • Referrals (with parental consent) are made by health care providers, social workers, child care providers, and other individuals familiar with the child’s needs.

What services are available?

    • Services for eligible preschool children, who are also Red River Parish residents, may include classroom instruction, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy services.