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Welcome to Red River Schools, an innovative school district with a big heart. This district is headquartered along the banks of the Red River in Coushatta, Louisiana. We are the home of the Bulldogs and have many good things to share.

Our teachers receive ongoing support as we prepare our students for the future. Be a part of our team and our family at Red River Parish Schools.

Red River Salary Scale



*The salary listed is an estimate based on information provided to the Red River Parish School Board and is not guaranteed. Actual supplements and salary will vary. Figure used for supplements is based on average supplemental pay for all teachers during the 2019 – 2020 school year.


Our small district is led by Superintendent Alison Strong and we specialize in making every member of our staff feel like one of the family. There are four campuses in our district with about 1,300 students parish-wide. Red River offers enhanced courses, extracurricular clubs and sports, and has an all-star leadership team.

Many teachers, like myself, often want to teach so they can make a difference. RRES is the perfect place for that. We as teachers are supported by our administrators and loved by our students!
Caroline Doughty

1st Grade Teacher, Red River Elementary School

As a new teacher at Red River Elementary School, I am thankful for the feeling of family and camaraderie that I’ve found here. It makes coming to work a pleasure.
Tammy Sutton

5th Grade Teacher, Red River Elementary School

Red River Elementary School is a warm and welcoming place where you can work and always feel supported. There are lots of opportunities for individuals to learn and grow in the Red River parish school board system and I am thankful to be apart of it!
Jesseca Korn

Red River Elementary

My first year working in the Red River Parish school system has been remarkable. The support and guidance that I receive on a daily basis are very beneficial to my growth as a teacher. Anytime I have any concerns anyone I ask is willing to help me and that’s what I love about this job.
Travis Gary

Teacher, Red River Academy

If you are looking to join a FAMILY that embraces and supports you in all of your endeavors, then Red River is the place for you! #RedRiverReady
Dr. Doughty

Assistant Principal, Red River High School

Making the switch and beginning to teach in Red River Parish was one of the best decisions that I could have made. The support from the administration and the central office is unlike anything that I had ever experienced in other parishes. I am thankful to be a part of the Red River family and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me here.
Dustie Jo Gibson

Language Arts, 8th Grade, Red River Junior High School

If you are looking to join a FAMILY that embraces and supports you in all of your endeavors, then Red River is the place for you! #RedRiverReady

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